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Sickness Absence


Absenteeism results in a dramatic adverse cost to all businesses, no matter whether these intervals of absence are for the odd day or for extended periods.  If an employee is frequently and persistently away from work, this can damage efficiency and productivity, place an additional burden of work on colleagues and can affect morale.  Likewise, an employee who is away from work for a long period of time can also be costly and detrimental to the smooth running of a business.

HRx  works closely with a qualified doctor who specialises in occupational health.   Occupational health is a specialist area of clinical expertise, which looks specifically at the effects of work on an employee and the effects that health can have on an individual’s ability and fitness to perform their work.  Occupational health services can be used to assist organisations in managing absence situations – both short and long term.   Occupational health is also, often, a timelier route to explore, in contrast to obtaining a medical report from an employee’s GP or Consultant.

There are a variety of approaches that may be employed to manage interruptions from work due to ill health and depending on which scenario applies, HRx  will advise you on the best approach.