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HRx specialises in providing employment law advice and tailored HR solutions to businesses


HRx was founded in 2001 by Victoria Blaney .  Victoria has assembled a complementary team of HR professionals whose collective experience covers all aspects of the human resources function.  The advice provided is straightforward and our consultants are plain speaking individuals.  We are used to working with staff at all levels and can adapt our approach to reflect the situation and the audience being addressed.

From drafting bespoke contracts, policies and procedures through to providing specialist advice to clients on more potentially complex matters, such as dismissals due to capability, misconduct or redundancy, grievances, whistleblowing, TUPE or discrimination; we will offer you the solution to whatever issue you present.

The nature of the service we provide and indeed the catalyst as to why most of our clients engage our services for the first time, is due to the escalation of a serious HR/employment law issue that could jeopardise the stability of their business.  As such we are exposed to complex, varied and highly contentious issues, where time is of the essence, on an almost daily basis, which means that we have acquired a wealth of experience that we can call upon to ensure we provide you with the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for your business.

Our offices are based in Kent; however, our reach is broad and we regularly travel throughout London, the Home Counties and beyond.

HRx – What’s In A Name?

HR is the recognised abbreviation for Human Resources.  The symbol Rx is theorised as deriving from the ‘Eye of Horus’, an ancient Egyptian symbol associated with healing powers and more recently used as the symbol for a ‘prescription’ or ‘solution’.

Hence HRx equals, ‘Human Resource Solutions’.