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HR Documentation

HR's all about the detail


Contracts of employment, policies and procedures, appraisals etc. are all forms of HR documentation that set out what is expected of your employees in terms of their performance and standards of behaviour.  They are designed to maintain an orderly, productive and fair workplace in which employees know what is expected from them.

HRx  has a wealth of experience in drafting HR documentation for businesses of varying size and sector.  We can, therefore, advise you on the inclusion of key terms to give you confidence that your business is protected.

HRx  is able to provide you with bespoke documentation as follows:

  • Employment contracts (from the very basic through to executive service agreements)
  • Policies and Procedures (either as a complete employee handbook or as standalone documents)
  • HR Forms (e.g. appraisal forms, self-certification documents, return to work forms, expense claim forms, flexible working request forms)

HRx  is also able to provide sub-contractor agreements and IR35 compliant consultancy agreements.

HRx  can undertake a free health check of all of your HR documentation, providing you with a summary of our findings, along with a quote to make any necessary or best-practice changes.  Where requested we can provide you with regular updates, in line with any relevant legislative changes, to ensure all of your documentation remains current and enforceable.