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Contracts of Employment


Did you know that all workers, whether they work for you on a full-time basis or whether they just work with you from time to time, are entitled to receive a “Written statement of employment particulars” (more commonly called a Contract of Employment), within 8 weeks of joining your business?

Contracts of employment are therefore not only a legal requirement, but are also an essential way for you to cement the employment relationship between you and your employees, setting out an employee’s entitlements and obligations and also the standards of performance you expect from them.

HRx  prepares bespoke contracts specific to your business needs, providing the foundation that ensures you are able to deal smoothly with employment issues when they arise.

HRx  can also assist you if you feel it is appropriate to amend contractual terms and conditions for existing staff i.e. introducing restrictive covenants, training cost claw-back provisions etc.