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TUPE, Mergers & Acquisitions


If you are merging with or acquiring another business, or if you have lost a significant contract, you will most likely be faced with meeting your obligations under the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations – more commonly TUPE.

TUPE is designed to safeguard employees and ensure that their terms and conditions are protected and maintained by their new employer, whether they are coming to you or whether they are moving to a new employer.  Depending on whether you are transferring employees to another organisation, or if you are taking on the employees of a transferred business or service, your legal responsibilities will vary and HRx  is here to give you the necessary support to ensure you meet your legal obligations.  

It’s vital that you understand the regulations and follow the necessary procedures to the letter, to avoid expensive legal claims.

HRx  can advise you on whether TUPE will apply in the event that you are embarking on a business transfer or service provision change and, if it does, we will walk you through the stages you need to take to ensure you are complying with the regulations.

Contact us so that we can offer you advice on your TUPE obligations.