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Whether voluntary or involuntary, redundancy is often a difficult time for employees and the business. It is important that the organisation supports the departing employee(s) and not lose sight of the impact redundancy has on those remaining.

We have experience of managing redundancy strategy in large and small businesses and can guide you through the complete process.

We can work with your managers to ensure they understand their role and have the skills to handle meetings with their teams and individual staff, or we can manage the process for you by meeting your staff and ensuring that the consultation process meets with your legal obligations.  The rules vary, depending on whether it’s small-scale, with only a few staff affected, or large-scale, where it affects the majority or all of your workforce.

HRx  can also provide introductions to a variety of specialist outplacement consultants, who will help the redundant employee find new work or ease into retirement.

HRx  will also provide guidance on how to avoid low morale of the remaining employees during and after redundancies.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you through this difficult process.