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Bespoke Policies & Procedures


There is no obligation on a Company to have a staff handbook.  There are however some key policies that we recommend all employers have in place, thereby providing your employees with clearly defined expectations you have of them as relates to standards of conduct.  The benefit of having these key policies also means that you are able to identify and manage, for example, performance concerns, more confidently.

The polices we recommend all employers have in place include:

  • Disciplinary Procedure (misconduct relating to poor performance or misbehaviour)
  • Grievance Procedure (dealing with formal complaints against the Company or its employees from an employee)
  • Capability Procedure (dealing with performance concerns which may be due to lack of skill, aptitude, physical or mental ability or because performance is being affected by a health condition)
  • Communications Policy (providing your staff with acceptable use of your communications equipment)
  • Equal Opportunities Policy (demonstrating to staff that you are a fair employer and will not tolerate discrimination)

If you would like us to review your existing policies and procedures, to ensure that they meet with current employment legislation, or if you would like us to provide you with a quote to draft new policies for your organisation, please contact a member of the HRx  team