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How We Work

How We Work


We provide our advice and support via telephone, Teams/Zoom video calls, email and in person. If our advice is provided in person (for instance to attend/chair meetings or deliver training) our time is charged relative to the specific amount of time that is spent on site plus our travelling time (and mileage expenses). 

Irrespective of how you engage our services our team will provide the same high level of support and advice to you.

Our Fees

Our support services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis rather than as a monthly retainer fee, as for most of our clients it is unlikely they will need to call upon us each month. We believe that what sets us apart is that we take the time to get to know our clients, offer a bespoke service (not a call centre approach) and, instead of telling clients what they cannot do, we provide solutions to enable our clients to get the result they want, which then frees up their time to concentrate on other areas of their business. 

Our support is charged relative to our hourly rate (chargeable in 6-minute increments) and we invoice monthly for the work we have undertaken in the previous month and provide a detailed breakdown appended to the invoice of where every unit of time has been allocated to help control costs and identify where issues are focused.  

Why Choose HRx?

Unlike many HR service providers, we do not require our clients to be locked into a service contract for a year or more which they are then locked into.

We are confident that once you work with us you will remain our client but if for any reason this is not the case we have no interest in making it difficult for our clients to change service providers should they so wish.