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Line Manager Training


At HRx  we know it is not always as easy as giving you a Staff Handbook (or individual key policies and procedures and then expecting you to know when and how to apply them.  For this reason we can provide your line managers with support and training sessions to help them deal with the most common issues that they are likely to face from their teams.

These training sessions give your line managers the tools and more importantly the confidence to deal with issues head on, knowing how and when to apply your policies and procedures amongst their teams.

We know that there are key issues that line managers will be required to deal with on a day to day basis and our training sessions are built around these topics:

  • Absence Management (i.e. how to manage persistent short-term absences in your team)
  • Conduct Issues (i.e. when to invoke your disciplinary procedure)
  • Performance concerns (i.e. identifying whether this may be a capability issue)
  • Raising complaints (i.e. how to recognise if a grievance has been raised)
  • Family Friendly Rights (i.e. knowing when and how employees are entitled to time off related to their dependents)

To find out more about how HRx  can support your business and your line managers, contact us.