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Performance Appraisal


Do your employees know how well they are performing?

Are they given attainable and measurable goals to work towards?

Do management have a uniform and fair approach to reviewing and rewarding employees?

Most employees want and expect regular performance feedback.  A performance appraisal programme achieves this goal by providing an ongoing process for evaluating job performance and providing constructive feedback.  

By acknowledging an employee’s contributions to the organisation and setting challenging but attainable goals for the next review period, the performance appraisal provides an effective method of increasing employee motivation.

Organisations that don't evaluate their employees usually have lower productivity, poor employee morale, increased periods of absenteeism and higher staff turnover.

HRx  can develop and implement a performance appraisal programme that is tailored to the specific and unique needs of your organisation.  Our services include creating effective performance management policies and procedures, developing customised appraisal forms, and conducting employee and management/supervisory training and coaching.