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Job Descriptions & Inductions


Regardless of the size or complexity of an organisation, a job description that is current and comprehensive is an effective management tool for communicating job requirements and performance standards to employees.

A job description helps introduce new employees to their jobs and aids in their on-the-job training.

Job descriptions and person specifications also give managers and supervisors the guidelines to hire, promote and supervise with maximum effectiveness. HRx offers customised and comprehensive job descriptions and person specifications, which demonstrate compliance with current legislation.

In the same way, the first few days of a new job are extremely important to a new recruit.  Simply providing a copy of your handbook to your new recruit is not sufficient - they need to be closely managed and supported over their first few days in order to smoothly integrate them into your business.

HRx  can provide you with a complete induction programme; covering your key responsibilities towards your new recruit, from the day they join you and throughout their probationary period.