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Dependant Care Leave


All employees have the right to take time off during working hours in order to deal with unforeseen matters and emergencies related to their dependants.

Employees have the statutory entitlement to request such time off work, but there is no entitlement to be paid during this time off.  A dependant could be a spouse, partner, child, parent, or someone who depends on an employee for care, for example an elderly neighbour.

The leave can be taken for example:

  • To assist when a dependant is ill, gives birth or is injured or assaulted.
  • To make care arrangements for an injured or ill dependant.
  • In consequence of a dependant’s death.
  • Because dependant care arrangements are unexpectedly interrupted or terminated.
  • To deal with an unexpected incident involving the employee’s child, while that child is under the responsibility of an ‘educational establishment’.

The right is to a reasonable amount of time off, although it is not stated how much is reasonable.  In most cases, a day or two will be sufficient to deal with the immediate crisis, but it will depend on the individual circumstances.  The employee must tell the employer as soon as possible the reason for the absence and how long they expect to be absent.

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